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Booth Registration | Saturday December 16, 2017 | Track Trade Day at The Track Shack

  • $ 10000

Vendor Specifics 

Move In: Move in will begin at 6am the day of the event

Customer Shopping Hours: shopping hours will run from 10am - 5pm - vendors may stay later if they wish

Break Down: Break down will begin at 5pm although vendors may choose to stay later if dinner/evening shoppers are present.  


Vendor Fees and Registration

Regular booths are sold per 10x10 - if you would like a larger size booth please add multiple booths to cart.  You can select your booth number by using the drop down menu - the drop down menu number corresponds with the booth number.  Example if you select "5" from the drop down you are registering for 1, 10x10 booth in spot number 5.  If you would like a double booth (10x20) select your first booth number, example "7" from the drop down, add to cart, then go back and add your second selected booth, example "8" and add to cart  ---- you have now registered for booth 7 and 8 - two 10x10 booths which equal one 10x20 booth.

Vendor booths are sold on a first come first serve basis, not booths # 1 - 28 are located under the pavilion - this has a concrete, level floor and a tin roof - there are no walls it is open air.   Booths # 29 - 50 are located outside on grass, you may bring your own pop up tent if you would like to be covered.

The only exception to this rule are:

Fashion trucks - fashion trucks are given a large area typically 20x20 to be able to move in and set up around the truck/trailer.  To register for this booth you must use your trailer for display, allow walk in traffic and sell from your pumpkin truck/trailer. 

Holiday Plants - this s a special section of the Trade Days showcasing a unique seasonally related item - for December we will be high lighting seasonal plants which can include Christmas Trees, poinsettias, Christmas Cactus and other festive plants!  If you sell seasonal plants please register for this, specially priced, 20x20 booth space.

Food Vendors - this event is held at a bar and grill so we will not be accepting any hot food vendors including food trucks and drink vendors. If you sell pre-packaged food, spices, dips, sweets, deserts, pies and such items you may  - yes you can - register for this event.  

Electricity - there is a very limited amount of electricity available for vendors.  Electricity is available on first come first serve basis.  You may bring your own electricity box/generator if you need it - it must be able to fit within your booth and run reasonably quiet.  Please purchase electricity with your registration. Note we may have to reassign your booth number to accommodate for electricity - we will let you know if this happens.  Click here to add electricity. 

Event Floor Plan - please see the floor plan below.  There is plenty of customer parking - plus an additional parking lot not shown.  There is a parking lot on both sides of the pavilion that customers may use.  Traffic will come from "every direction" for the most part.  The Track Shack Bar and Grill is located just off of Hardy Road (end of Hardy Toll Road) at Louetta.  

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