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Vendor Sign Up Pin It Expo Stafford Centre, October 21, 2017, Houston Craft Show Vendor Opportunity

Pin It Expo brings Pinterest to life with a mix of shopping and crafting! Shop nearly 40 unique vendors with a little bit of everything Pinterest has to offer!  Get crafty in one of our hands on creative classes and learn how to make (and take home) some of the most pinned projects!

Join us for Pin It Expo as a vendor and get direct access to our growing customer base.  Our target customer is female, married age 35-65 with a strong 20 something audience as well.  Our customers come to shop for unique, one of a kind and helpful products. 

Boutique clothing does very well at our show and we strive to ensure enough business to go around and limit clothing to 15% of our total show vendors.  We also limit jewelry to only 10% of the total show vendors. 

In our best attempt we do strive to bring a diverse mix of vendors to the event to have a good mix of everything available to our shoppers!

In addition kitchen gadgets, food products including casserole and dip mixes and gourmet food are always top requests by our customers.  In addition home decor, shabby chic, monogrammed, calligraphy, wood items, signs, candles and other home items are very popular.  

Customers enjoy both finished and unfinished products.  If you sell craft supplies, scrapbooking item and DIY kits our customers would love to buy from you too!

At Pin It Expo we pride ourselves on having an eclectic mix of just about everything, if you think you have a unique product that would be a great fit we would love to hear from you! 



Registering for Pin It Expo is simply and easy and 100% online.  Choose your booth number from the drop down menu, add to cart and continue with check out - it's just like shopping on Amazon, we will ask for all of your company information during checkout.

You can add electricity to your booth and an outlet will be run directly to your booth space.

WIFI is FREE to all vendors!